You seemed to come out of nowhere to win your pro card. Where have you been?

For those of you who do not know, I am an active duty service member employed by the United States Navy. I have been forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan on a Guided missile Frigate the USS VANDEGRIFT from April 2000 till May of 2004. During that time I was deployed on numerous missions to include Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom supporting the war on terrorism.

Who are your favorite bodybuilders of the past and today?

I have several that come to mind. One that stick out above the rest is Lee Haney whom I've admired when I was first introduce to the sport of bodybuilding. I own most of his training tapes and videos, which provided me with the motivation and inspiration to become a competitive bodybuilder. There are others today that I admire such as Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Paul Dillet, and Shawn Ray.

How did you get started in bodybuilding?

After joining the military, weightlifting was a hobby I participated in my spare-time. My workout partner and I use to buy magazines and read them hoping that someday we could be like the bodybuilders that were depicted in them. At the time the only thing I had knowledge of was lifting weights. I did not know the value of nutrition and how important it was for proper muscle growth. I applied the nutrition aspect to my everyday life, which accelerated the gains I have made. I also attended a local bodybuilding show at the time in which I felt I had a better physique that some of the competitors on stage. That contest gave me the drive and desire to later compete.

What are the most important things you've learned since you started - about yourself, about your training, nutrition?

I have learned that diet and exercise is the key to obtaining the physique you desire. Discipline is a must. I have also learned that we all have different body type and that we have to experiment to see what works best.


Describe your training style, how does it change from off-season to contest prep?

My training consists of moderate to heavy heights. I train by feel. I use at least one basic movement for each body part. I train each body part once to twice a week. The only thing that really changes from off-season to pre-contest is my diet and the use of more isolation movements. I step up my cardio to 2 times a day to accelerate fat burning. My repetition is in the range of 8-12. Sets are 3-4 per movement.

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